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2014 Danville half Marathon & 10K


Event Info & Fundraising

2014 Danville half Marathon & 10K

  • ½ Half Marathon
  • 10 10K

May 24, 2014

Starting at: 8:00 AM

Welcome to the fourth annual Danville Half Marathon! This year we are super excited to be teaming up with the local charity Semper Fi. We are proud to be a part of a strong community that supports each other, especially when difficult times arise. We will running a 10k race again this year, enabling us to accommodate more runners. Both races will be out and back along the beautiful Iron Horse Trail through the quaint towns of Danville and Alamo. Slight rolling hills add to the beauty and enjoyment of these runs. Both races begin and end at LDS Chapel located at 655 Old Orchard Road in Danville, California.

The purpose of this race is to provide a fun race for those who love to run, and a chance for those who don't run a place to get started. Because it is all about having a good time with friends in the community, there is no intention of making profits. The registration fee will go towards permits, snacks, drinks, and t-shirts. Any additional proceeds from the race will be donated to The Semper Fi Foundation.

If you can't make this physical event you can still participate virtually! Run your half or 10k from anywhere: More info here:

Must register by May 10th to be guaranteed a shirt.

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In this per-mile fundraiser, the following activities are allowed: Running, Walking. Here's how it works:

  • Join & Commit to a Miles Goal
  • Track Runs with or MapMyFitness apps
  • Ask Friends to Pledge per Mile

Registration Rates

Distance Before Apr 1 After Apr 1 Participants Registered
Danville Half Marathon $50 $60 51 / 150
Danville 10k $35 $45 10 / 150


Proceeds from this campaign benefit The Semper Fi Foundation

On November 18, 2011, LCpl Joshua “Chachi” Corral was killed in action while serving with the United States Marine Corps in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. LCpl Corral was just 19 years old and had been deployed in Afghanistan for just 73 days at the time of his death.

This was a young man who was born to be a Marine. He approached every aspect of his life with unconditional commitment, passion and the desire to protect and serve others. Chachi, as he was known to his friends, was a faithful and compassionate individual who cared deeply for his family, friends, community and country. He was always willing to take the lead or take the fall to protect them all.

LCpl Corral was a member of the USMC 3rd Battalion, 7th Marine Weapons division, and was on the front lines of combat while serving in Afghanistan. He was a true leader whose goal everyday was to root out evil and to keep his men safe. LCpl Corral was always looking to make sure all of his fellow Marines were taken care of. When packages of provisions arrived from back home, Chachi always made sure that everyone would get something. When Chachi was on night watch the night before he was killed, he was with another Marine in his unit talking about the difficult day ahead of them. Chachi told his fellow Marine that his worst fear was that he would hear a blast behind him indicating he did not do his job and it resulted in the injury or death of a member of his unit. This was the kind of man LCpl Corral was.

The week prior to Chachi’s death he had the opportunity to have a brief phone conversation with his parents, Denise and Arnie Corral. In that call he indicated that they were in a very tough fight and a very dangerous fight was ahead of them. In typical fashion, he shared his request with his family that in the event that he did not make it home, to take care of his men in the 3/7 and all of his fellow Marines.

Tragically he was killed just a short time after that phone call. This request to take care of his men and his fellow Marines is the foundation of the Semper Fi Foundation. The Semper Fi Foundation will fulfill the wishes of LCpl Corral and look out for the members of the 3/7, all US Marines, and their families.

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